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Travel along with Mike and Rusty as we tour the tea fields of Taiwan during our Fall 2008 buying trip.  Over the course of this ten minute video, you will get a close-up look at Taiwan's revered tea industry -- from field to factory -- as our friendly hosts produce some of the world's very finest oolong teas in the heart of the beautiful Formosan countryside.

To view the smaller screen version of the Taiwan tea video, please click here.

To view the larger screen version of the Taiwan tea video (downloading time is a liitle longer, but we hope you'll find it was worth it), please click here.



Over the course of this 16 minute video, you’ll be offered a glimpse into our Spring 2007 buying excursion to the Darjeeling region of India.  View the breathtaking scenery of the Himalayan foothills, and become acquainted with our Indian and Nepalese hosts as we tour various tea gardens and became involved in the very picking and processing of this year’s First Flush teas at the Poobong Tea Estate.


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We made a sourcing-trip to China in the Fall of 2006.  During our travels, we were able to tour tea gardens, and to gain first-hand knowledge of both Chinese tea culture and society in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou.  We invite you to share in our experiences through this brief video montage of our wonderful visit to this most ancient of tea cultures.


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